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Inter Club Events

Colour Galas

No Entry Fee. Cost for Programme & Raffle


We have 3 Terms per year and 2 of these a Colour Gala is held approximately 1 month from the start of the Term. Dates for these will be on the Calendar on the website.

It is for all swimmers in the club from all sessions (Teaching & Squads). These galas for new swimmers are an introduction into competition for those that have never entered a competition before, and practise for these are from the start of a new term.


If members wish to swim they come along on the night and report ½ hour before the start of the gala to ensure their name is entered onto a computer programme, which prints out the lane and heat they will be swimming in for each event. All swimmers will be swimming against swimmers of their own ability and times. There will be volunteers advising the swimmers when to go up for their races. There is always a demonstration at the start of the gala by our older swimmers for all new swimmers who are not sure what to do. Our Team Captains and Vice Captains will also be around to help any of our swimmers new and old.


The gala is split over 2 nights, a Saturday and Monday to give our swimmers the best opportunity to achieve a personal best (PB) time for each event.

Saturday is for all Colour groups, Blue and Purple groups swim all their races on this night. All other Colour groups swim on Monday to complete their races.


All swimmers are expected to stay on poolside at the end of the colour gala for the presentation of medals.

Medals for the colour groups are worked out on the points they score for the races swam. The computer takes the 6 fastest from all heats for each stroke swam awarding points, 6 points for 1st place 5 points for 2nd place etc. Once the points for all strokes swam in their Colour group are added up, the top three are presented with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Please note that swimmers who win their race in a heat may not necessarily have been the fastest in that event.

Splash Nights

No Entry Fee. Cost for Programme & Raffle


These two events (Saturday & Monday) are most important for you to attend and participate in as many swims as possible, as many of these times are used for choosing our Squad Team for future Galas throughout the coming year, especially the Novice League other Team competitions.


Please see the Calendar for dates for this year.


This is aimed for all swimmers in the club from all sessions (Teaching & Squads) to come and enjoy themselves and have the chance to achieve their best times at 25m & 50m in all strokes depending on age.


Any Personal Best times (PB's) will be entered on the computer, which could change a swimmers position on the Colour Group Ladder and may be considered for Pre-Development / Squad training.

Home Inter-Club Gala

Wareham has 1 Gala a year.

Wareham invites other clubs to compete with us in a gala to a set programme at the Purbeck Sports Centre. Please see the Calendar for the date of Gala this year.


The Coach with the help of a computer programme will select the swimmers to be part of our team and invites will be sent out. There is no fee required for this competition.

It is important to advise us if you accept as soon as possible, as if you are unavailable we still have time to invite a reserve.

All swimmers are expected to stay on poolside at the end of the gala for the results and presentation of the trophy.

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