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The competitive side to the club split into three squads and is there for all those beginning in their competitive swimming journey right through to the National swimmers within our team. 



The focus of the squad will be on learning how to perform the strokes to a competitive level, with the majority of the time spent working on technique, starts and turns in a friendly, fun atmosphere.

Opportunities will regularly be available to practice competing through in-house club events such as Colour Galas or Splash Nights. When prepared, swimmers will be able to try out their skills against teams from other clubs too!



The focus of the squad will be on learning to train effectively while continuing to develop competitive stroke technique + race skills in a fun environment conducive to taking on and applying new information.

Opportunities to compete will be more readily available via open meets, county competitions and team galas. 



Squad members will train through a seasonal program, taking training and competition more seriously and building a strong team ethos with their squad mates. They will aim for qualification and success at County level in multiple events while continuing to build experience through open meets and team competitions. As the swimmers approach the top end of this squad they will have built a strong camaraderie with their team mates and work together to get the most out of themselves throughout the year.

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