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Update to club life

It seems so many elements of the club have changed recently and not just in our team but also to our sessions too.

As discussed at the AGM there will be a few changes to the session times and you will all be updated soon if you haven't already, the new addition of Swim Fit for 12+ is, I believe going to be a great option for those that no longer wish to compete but those that are just getting back into fitness or hoping to maintain a level that they are comfortable with. The teaching sessions are now offering a Monday night as well as the traditional Sundays which is something that has been asked for many times.

Danny and Steven are busy with the coaching squads and yep if you haven't seen me already, I am back taking on the Head Teacher role again while Ethan is away travelling the world, what can I say I just couldn't stay away!

I have today completed some changes to the website and have tried to make it all read a little better, added the new session times and have updated the who's who and our team pages!

We have plenty to look forward to as we enter the last few months of the year, with club championships starting next week and the Wareham Lions swimarathon just a few weeks away!

We are slowly but surely building our numbers back up and we think the new additions to the sessions will help, we saw a great turn out to our September assessment and I am working on getting them settled in along with ensuring all the teaching groups are getting the attention that they need.

If you are a swimmer or a parent and would like to get a little more involved then I am always looking for help on the poolside, just a basic knowledge of swimming will be a benefit, so if you fancy having a go, come along and have a chat!

Looking ahead we will soon be going over the events for next year and will be targeting some local events along with any others further afield that the coaching team see work well in the program.

If you have any queries regarding any element of the club, your swimmer, helping out, you know where to find us!

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