Swim Wales Winter Championships! DAY 3

Day 3: For the Final time in 2019, Hester set the PB's rolling with a fantastic 50m Free! 28.18, good fundamentals with some key points to focus on to forge a scary 50m Free - Kick, turn and acceleration of the pull to increase rate. 13th / 24. Matt bid farewell to Swansea with a brilliant 50m Brst, just missing going 33 for the first time. A 34.17, another PB and Club Record! 12th / 31. Fin had a tough double today, the 200m Free then 200m Bk. He certainly didn't hold back on the Free though, setting out on his first 100m in 1:01.53 and holding his pace well to finish in 2:08.66, a great PB and Club Record! 19th / 33. Gabby and Jacy went head to head in the 100m Brst next. Always tough to race your best friend but both girls swam excellently. Jacy: 1:25.76, an offical PB and only a touch slower than her R1 Arena League swim! Pullouts and armpull to work on! Gabby: 1:24.28 - something of a return to form for her Brst this weekend, definitely good signs for IM going into Dorsets. Fin returned for his 200m Bk - setting off fast again in 1:06.76, just fading towards the end (understandably after that double) to go 2:21.08, just 2 tenths off his PB. It was a nervous wait to see if he'd made Final... He was 9th / 23! However, the 8th place lad withdrew, giving Fin a slot in the Final! Gabby was pulling off a double of her own, now swimming the 100m Bk! In a display of much improved feel for the water and catch she held on to take another PB in 1:12.82. Definitely more speed to come when she's fresh! FINALS: Fin had completed the epic set of Finals in every distance for Backstroke! A tough task but one that he's really risen to over the weekend. His goal was sub 2:20... Could he execute? He certainly could. Out slightly slower in 1:07.42 for the first 100m but back sooo much faster in the 2nd 100m to take a gutsy 6th place in the Final and 2:19.96!! Another Club Record and actually the fastest 200m Bk time for any age in the History of the Club! A tremendous way to finish what has been an awesome Championships. I'm so proud of the 7 who travelled up to Swansea and gave absolutely everything they had to produce some truly spectacular results! I hope more will be inspired to make the trip next year! 30 swims - 24 PB's - 18 Club Records - 6 Finals - 1x Silver Medal. Team Wareham.

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