Swim Bournemouth Lvl 2 Winter Meet Day Two:

A jam packed day, including more swimmers with a multitude of great performances!

Jacy started the day in the 100m Brst, fractionally off of her PB with more length on stroke to work on for next time - 1:31.22.

Gabbi joined us today and begun promisingly with a 2 second PB in the 100m Brst - 1:25.99 and taking 9th place.

Tanya was chasing a National QT in the 100m Brst, in the end just missing out but a big step in the right direction with pacing, a 1.4 second PB going 1.15.30 and 4th place in the 15+ Open age group.

Ruby opened her day with the 100m Free, going under 1:10 for the first time with an improved early section of the race - 1:09.95.

Issy set the first PB of many in the 100m Free going 1:08.66!

Gabbi was back for the 100m Free, a hard double with the Brst, missing her PB but showing great resillience to still take 9th place - 1:05.56.

Alex started off the boys' campaigns with a slightly shocking 2.4sec PB in the 50m Brst - 36.57 and 6th place!

Callum Way took a PB of his own with more length improvements still to come - 37.53.

Matt felt the pressure after Alex's mighty 50m but rose to the occassion and reclaimed top spot on Breaststroke, going 36.30, a 0.7sec PB and a new Club Record 13 Yrs, representing a 5 second improvement on this event in 12 months. 7th place in his age.

Lexie was up in the 50m Bk next, swimming a very 2 sided race, having a brilliant first 25m but then changing her technique quite drastically, slowing on the last 25m. Just off PB - 46.05 but still a 6th place, more to come later.

Ruby couldn't quite match her 100m Free achievement, just missing her PB in the 50m Bk, showing a strong last 25m but not quite getting out fast enough - 38.46.

Tanya made a rare appearance in the Backstroke, demonstrating a smooth, relaxed stroke, looking very good to take a PB, just needs to up the rate for some potentially really quick times - 35.12.

Gabbi held her speed throughout the 50m to take an official PB of 34.55 and 4th place in her age! Backstroke looking strong!

Issy took the fastest time of the day with another PB of 34.19, threatening the 33 mark.

Austin joined the party for the afternoon session and came out with great energy in the 200m Brst laying down a huge PB from only last week of 4 seconds - 3:22.36 and 5th place.

Ruby took on the 200m Free next, a really strong effort, just dropping off of target pace in the middle 2 x 50's, fractionally missing PB - 2:37.04.

Austin lined up again for the 100m IM and with greatly improved Butterfly shattered his PB by 3 seconds going 1:29.82.

Callum Way displayed all round improvement on his strokes to take his own 2 second PB in the IM - 1:16.64.

Matt was clearly on great form, destroying his PB by 5 seconds and narrowly missing the Club Record with a 1:13.72, taking 6th place.

Gabbi had to dig deep in the 100m Bk but matched her PB from Club Champs of 1:13.85 and took the first medal of the day!!


Issy was racing Gabbi and made it a great spectacle, the announcer giving the girls the limelight and highlighting the excellent swimming from both. She touched just behind Gabbi but finished with a no less impressive PB of 1:14.04, a new Club Record 16 Yrs and 9th place at the event!

Lexie turned her fortunes around with a consistently fast 50m Free, taking a 2 second PB and breaking the 40 second mark with 39.46 and 5th place!!

Asha was not quite firing on all cyclinders, a good opening 15m but faded later in the race - 34.22.

Ruby just missed her PB but a very respectable end of day performance - 32.28.

Issy finished her day in style with yet another PB, demonstrating excellent race execution especially on breath discipline - 30.87.

Gabbi went under 30 seconds officially for the second time ever with a strong 29.86 - 5th place.

Tanya showed her natural sprint ability to swim the 2nd fastest time in her life on the 50m Free with 28.16 and 6th place, still more to work on technically.

Harley had waited all day but it was worth it as he took a Bronze medal with a rapid 50m Fly! A 1.3 sec PB of 35.73 and lowering his own Club Record 11 Yrs!

Great swimming from the whole team and yet again, very happy to see more swimmers entering and competing at a Lvl 2 competition!

Wareham Speed!! 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️

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