Level X

Level X rankings have been updated - a massive well done to all of you who participated and made Monday night such a great event!

We've had some awesome results - 26 Top 100 National Rankings were achieved! Including a phenomenal swim by Lexie Taylor - 34.56 in the 50m Bk making her the Rank #1 11yrs Girl in Great Britain!! Tanya also finished in a very strong 4th 17yrs and 12th Open female for the 50m Brst. Alex Peaty took a top 20 ranking for his 50m Freestyle of 25.50 in the 16yrs Boys. Harley also managed to take top 20 in the 13yrs Boys for his 32.75 50m Bk swim.

All top #100 swimmers: Tanya Blanchard, Alex Peaty, Fin Chandler, Will Longhurst, Sam Richman, James Munday, Callum Mcdermott, Callum Way, Ethan Hiles, Holly Chandler, Jacy Partridge, Gabby Wood, Austin Blanchard, Harley Taylor, Lexie Taylor, Kieran Barton, Addy Miller.

Incredible efforts from everyone - these results just show what we can achieve despite the immense challenges faced.

Well done Team.

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