It's been a while coming, I know, but here it is...

So after 4 weeks of competition, the annual Dorset County Championships have drawn to a close. Held earlier in the year for 2020, they posed a real challenge to all of our athletes as to whether they could get themselves up to peak performance after the Christmas and New Year's frivolities! I'm delighted to say (for the most part at least) that they shrugged off the mince pies in expert fashion - taking Wareham SC to a 6th place overall Club standing, finishing behind only larger teams out of the 12 clubs competing.

Our spoils included 1x Gold, 11x Silver, 7x Bronze, 3x Junior Bronze and 1x Senior Bronze!

Most profoundly though and what really stood out to me, was the 68x Finals places. This highlights the improvements, not just at top level, but across the board in our strength and depth. Put swimmers in Finals and the medals will come. I don't have the exact statistics from 2019's Champs but I can say with some considerable certainty that this has been the Club's most successful Dorset Champs for many, many years.

I was proud of all of our competing athletes, showing great team spirit and camaraderie. I was especially impressed with our younger age group swimmers, some competing in their first ever Dorset's but all of them representing the club in brilliant fashion, both in and out of the pool.

I fully expect 2021 to yet again exceed this year's set of results. It will require focus, dedication and belief but 2020's performances show us that any result is possible if you trust yourself and work for it!

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