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Excellent first session back this morning! Very proud to be part of our club leading the way in Dorset, the South West and the whole country as one of the first teams back.

Everyone behind the scenes: the committee members,


, Ray and Nadine, Yasmin and of course Dr Covid himself


. It’s a huge team effort and has required us all to band together to make this work. I’m delighted with what we’ve accomplished.

The Centre is in great condition and working with Michelle and her team there has been a pleasure.

Here’s some pics of our first Covid 19 era session back!

The next month is going to be challenging but a lot of fun! I can’t wait to welcome everyone back and create some brand new, inventive sets for you all to get stuck into!!


What a phenomenal weekend at Dorchester for Wareham SC!!

50 medals and 3rd overall visiting team on points.

In alphabetical surname order:

Austin returned from illness on day 2 with a solid 200m Brst, enough to claim Gold in 3:24! He also PB'd in the 50m Freestyle taking 4th in 33.75!

Tanya medalled in every event she entered: Gold in the 200m IM on PB time 2:43, strong swim. Silver in 50m Bk with an incremental PB 35.10 looking smooth. Silver in the 100m Free with an interesting swim... 1:08.33. Gold in the 50m Fly with a 31.44 PB, 4 hundredths off of a Regional QT. Gold in the 200m Brst in 2:57, a measured performance. Racking up the silverware!!

Spencer took Bronze in the 100m Brst in 1:35.45, a huge 8 second PB! He also took Bronze in the 100m IM in 1:23.57, a 6 second PB this time! 50m Fly, 50m Bk and 100m Free all PB's also!!

Cameron Browning smashed his 100m Free in 1:24.50, a massive 21 second PB!!

Archie had 4 PB swims, taking Bronze in the 100m Bk in 1:30.95! 50m Free in 33.88, 100m Free in 1:17.85 and 50m Bk in 40.72.

Madison medalled in all 4 of her events, narrowly missing PB's but strong early block swims nonetheless. Gold in 50m Free 28.16. Silver in 100m Bk 1:13.70. Gold in 100m IM 1:14.28 and Gold in 50m Brst with 36.93 and winner of the HOT HEAT!!! 🍹🔥🔥

Issy Holmes looked great in her 50m Bk to claim Gold in 33.89, fractionally off her PB from Dorset Champs. She also took Bronze in the 200m Bk in 2:46!

Evie earned her first open meet medal with a brilliant Silver in the 50m Fly in 42.31, a PB too! She also swam a fantastic 100m Free to PB by 7 seconds in 1:26.36!!

Chloe built some valuable Open Meet experience with 2 good swims, PBing in her 50m Fly in 42.30.

Callum Mcdermott had a 50/50 split of PB's 2/4 events. 50m Fly 32.00 PB. 100m Brst 1:21.44, just outside. 50m Bk not quite a PB but Silver in 34.57. His 100m Free finished things off well with a 1:06.09 PB!

Ella Mckay joined Issy as a Backstroke Queen this weekend, taking a medal in both of her best strokes' events. 50m Bk was a superb 3 second PB of 35.83, taking a well deserved Bronze! Clearly on form, Ella hit a 1:20.65 in the 100m Bk, a PB of 4 seconds earning another Bronze! She maintained her perfect 100% PB record with great swims in the 50m Free 32.69 and 100m Free 1:12.70!!

Addy Miller was one of the busiest swimmers of the weekend, entering 8 events. She smashed PB's in 6 of them! 200m IM 3:26. 100m Free 1:22.39. 50m Fly 45.10. 50m Free 35.73. 100m Bk 1:33.81 aaaand 200m Free in 3:00.40, a massive 16 second PB!!

Matt Mitchell showed off some scintillating speed on the 50m Bk to claim Bronze in 33.79! 100m Brst was a strong swim, just missing a Regional CT in a new PB time of 1:22.01 and taking Silver! 50m Fly just outside PB and edged off the podium into 4th 33.21. Matt looking forward to turning his attention to Long Course racing now!

Freya gained some more racing experience in her 2 swims, narrowly missing PB's but working hard on race skills.

Morgan wasn't feeling 100% but battled on and swam regardless just missing PB's but still representing the club proudly.

Hester showed great Backstroke improvement this weekend, obviously getting tips from Issy and Ella. She claimed Bronze in the 50m Bk in 33.14 a new PB!! 100m Bk was also a strong PB of 1:13.21, just missing the podium. Better finishes could see her chop chunks more time off of those too! 100m Free Silver in a new PB of 1:03.31, Gold in the 50m Free with 28.97 and Gold in the 100m IM in 1:17.22!!

James Munday only had 2 races but he smashed them both!! 50m Fly a huge 3 second PB going 32.84! 100m Free a 2 second PB of 1:06.40!! Great Captains performance!!

Sophie gained some more racing experience outside of Wareham in her 100m Brst, narrowly missing her PB but racing tough.

Jagoda looked strong in one of her first Open Meets, taking PB's in both of her events: 50m Free 38.68 and 50m Brst 50.11!!

Maja matched her sister with PB's in both of her events also! 50m Fly 39.55 and 50m Free 35.80!!

Asha put in 3 solid Captain's Swims, taking medals in 2 events: 100m IM 1:27.48 Bronze! aaaand 50m Brst 43.95 Silver!!

Jacy had to pull out of her races due to injury but was a great personality to have around and raised everyone's spirits with her brilliant attitude!!

Tayo smashed all of her 5 swims, going 5/5 100% PB rate!! 50m Free 39.92, 100m Bk 1:43.31. 200m Brst 4:07. 100m IM 1:47.91 and 50m Brst 53.07!! That's how it's done!!

Alex Peaty was dominant across the weekend, claiming medals in all of his 7 events and holding up an impressive 72.5% PB rate! 50m Fly Silver in 30.76. 100m Brst Silver in 1:20.76, a 3 second PB! 50m Bk Bronze in 33.64. 100m Free Silver in 1:02.50, shaving a small PB! 100m Fly Gold in 1:09.33, an awesome 3.5 second PB and Regional CT! 50m Free 27.77 a new PB and Gold!! 100m Bk 1:13.18 a new PB and Silver medal!! Great improvement all round over the last couple of months for Alex!!

Sam Richman stunned the crowd with his 400m Freestyle, going out in a 32 for the first 50m, certainly a brave start but managed to hold around 40 sec 50m splits to crack a huge 24 sec PB with a 5:11. His 50m Fly continued the party with a 2 second PB of 32.11 and winning the HOT HEAT!! 🔥🍹🔥

Dan Spencer took 2 PB's out of 2 no sweat. 50m Free 35.88 and 50m Brst 44.02!!

Tom Spencer took his 50m Fly PB down to 32.52 and claimed a Silver medal!! 50m Free getting another sub 29 under his belt with 28.97 and Gold!! 100m IM yet another Gold with a new PB of 1:16.80!! A mighty haul for Tom, great improvement over the past year!

Ethan wasn't playing any games as he took PB's in 5/5 events. The highlight was a Bronze in the 200m Free in 3:02.46!! 50m Bk 41.61, a 3 sec PB! 100m Free 1:20.38, huge 6 second PB! 50m Free 35.16, 3 second PB looking smooth. 100m Bk 7 second PB of 1:31.14!!

Poppy was not messing around either with 4/4 PB's! A brilliant Bronze in the 100m IM 1:30.35! 50m Bk 3 second PB 38.47, 100m Free 1:22.33 and 50m Brst 46.22!

Harley has not been feeling A1 of late so missed all but 1 of his Saturday races. What a race that 1 was though! 50m Bk Gold in 34.16, a stunningly fast time for his age, setting a new Club Record!! Sunday saw Harley return for 2 events and 2 more Golds! 50m Brst 43.17, a new PB and Regional CT! Aaaand 100m IM a very impressive 1:22.83!

Lexie, not to be outdone by her brother, took 4 medals of her own! 200m IM Gold 3:35.80, a massive 24 second PB!! 50m Bk 44.66, not her best swim but good enough for Bronze. 100m Free 1:26.29 and Silver in a big 8 second PB! 50m Brst yet another Gold in 54.80!! 100% medal rate for the Taylors!

Martha had 2 strong swims, 100m Free 1:27.06, a 4 second PB! and 50m Free 39.08, a 2 second PB, breaking 40 for the first time!

Callum Way shaved some time off of his 50m Free to go 29.78! 50m Brst 39.01, a little off PB. 100m IM 1:17.10, taking 4th just missing the podium.

Millie rolled up to the pool shades on and smashed out 3 PB's: 50m Free 35.55, 100m Bk 1:30.46 and 50m Brst 48.20. In her 200m Brst and 100m IM she was only hundredths off of her PB's, great Sunday showing for Millie after great success for her and her Leweston team at the National Biathlon event in Crystal Palace on Saturday!

Ruby turned a corner on her Butterfly, destroying her old 50m Fly PB by 2 seconds to go 35.62! 200m IM, 50m Bk and 100m Free just a little off of her best times.

Lily was one of the heroes of the weekend as she took on the 400m IM (hardest event in swimming), shattering her old time by 51 seconds to go 6:25.84 and claim a very well deserved Silver medal!! 50m Free a great PB of 34.13, 200m Free 2:42.37 and another huge PB of 14 seconds! 100m Fly was a PB by 10 seconds 1:29.06 and good enough to take Bronze! Lily did however split a 1:24 in the first 100m Fly of her 400m IM so there is definitely a lot more to come there!!

Gabby made an unexpected appearance, replacing Jacy in the 200m Brst, winning the Gold medal in 3:11.27, narrowly missing her Dorset Champs PB but racing in a training suit. She also won the HOT HEEEAAAT!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Awesome display from everyone, I'm very proud to see just how far the club has come across all ages and levels, long may this rise continue!!


The final weekend of the Dorset County Champs took place last week and once again there were some incredible performances from the team!

Highlights of day 1 included a 100m Bk Final for Harley, shattering his previous best time by 8 seconds to make it! Finishing 7th.

50m Free Finals for Madison and Tanya, finishing 5th and 4th, just missing medals by hundredths of a second!

Madison also made the final in the 50m Bk taking 5th and 100m Free finishing 4th in a stacked field.

Tanya made the 50m Bk and 100m Free final too, finishing 6th in the Backstroke and 5th in the Freestyle.

Gabbi continued her huge run of success with a 100m Free 4th, 50m Free Bronze in a new PB of 29.53! Aaand a brilliant Silver in the 50m Bk in 33.74!!

Hester once again had a fantastic weekend, showing that she isn't just a Fly specialist, she took Silver in the 50m Free in a new best time of 28.29 and Silver in the 100m Free with a 1:03.35, both being good enough to also take Junior Bronze X2!!

Austin took a 4th place in the 200m Brst showing solid improvements to his form.

Lexie was swimming as a 10yr old in the double age group of 10 + 11yrs. She made the final of the 50m Bk and finished 6th but 2nd 10yr old in a brilliant time of 41.01!

Issy had a great swim in the 50m Bk to make finals and take a well earned 7th place with a new PB of 33.43!

Great swims also came from Ruby, Immy, Nia (50m Bk PB), Evie in her first Dorset Champs! Will, Callum Way, Addy, Millie (50m Free PB), Jacy (50m Free PB), Zoe, Lotte and Asha!!


Day 2

The Final day of competition at the Dorset County Champs was upon us.

The first session was explosive! The boys lined up for the 50m Free and attacked it with vigour!! Every boy set a new PB 9/9!!

Great swims from Austin, Harley, Will, James M (Sub 30 first time 29.44), Sam (Sub 30 first time 29.10), Callum Way, Callum Mcdermott, Matt Mitchell (28.80 taking 8th in the Final!) and Tom going 28.86!

The 100m Bk provided 2 finalists, Gabbi finishing 5th in 1:12.90 and Tanya 6th in 1:17.61!

The afternoon had some stand out surprise swims!

Jacy took 5th in the 200m Brst with a new PB 3:10.05, just edging out Gabbi in 6th with 3:10.13!! (They're still friends thankfully)

Harley made the Final of the 50m Bk and absolutely smashed his big moment, taking a Bronze with a massive new PB of 35.12!!

Actually he was leading to 25m so has the potential to upgrade that colour medal in the future!!

Matt also made the Final of the 50m Bk, finishing 7th with a strong 33.47!

Swim Bournemouth Lvl 2 Winter Meet Day One:

In an extremely competitive meet with teams coming from as far as Dartmoor, Ealing and Camden Swiss Cottage our swimmers represented themselves tremendously and did our Club proud. Taking top 10 finishes is always hard at a Lvl 2 meet but with the competition as stiff as this, including National Record Holders, it's even more of an achievement.

Matt Mitchell started off proceedings with a 2 second PB in the 100m Brst, finishing with a solid top 10 in 8th. -- 1:23.45.

Harley was nursing an ankle injury which has plagued his training of late, he started with 100m Free and was only fractionally off his PB, not looking quite at his best understandably -- 1:16.90.

Alex kicked off his day with a rapid 100m Free, improving on his PB from Club Champs, going 1:02.66.

Nia and Jacy went head to head in L7 + L8 in the 50m Brst, Jacy just about got the better of the race, dipping under 41 with a PB, going 40.86. Nia was close behind, just outside her Pb in 41.41 and achieving a top 10 finish, taking 8th in her age group.

Harley was back for 50m Bk, just off PB by 0.5, misjudging his finish cost him - 38.04, but taking a Top 10 finish.

Alex continued to show his explosive speed was firing as he shaved more time off of his 50m Bk PB, going 34.05.

Nia took on the 200m Brst, some technical flaws cost her a PB but December will give us the opportunity to correct those. 3:27.54.

Jacy wasn't feeling her best but paced the 200m Brst very well, showing incredible consistency through her 50m splits, going 3:15.62 in a new PB and taking 10th place.

Millie was representing Wareham for the first time at an Open Meet, smashing her PB in the 100m IM by 2 seconds, going 1:30.43! Great stroke improvements!

Nia had her final race of the day in the 100m IM, just missing her PB by 1 second but showing improvements in Brst technique from the 200m already.

Ruby was on good form, only 0.3 off of her PB, set late last season. Technical improvements to be worked on throughout December but encouraging for the future.

Harley hit the 100m Bk, once again just off his PB, this time just by 0.4. Great early speed but interruption in training clearly setting his fitness back, causing fade in the final 50m -- 1:26.61, taking 9th place!

Harley was up again! 50m Free this time, missing PB with a somewhat untidy stroke, work to do on technique but not lacking any power - 34.20.

James Munday our Vice Captain made an appearance in the 50m Free, perhaps not warming up thoroughly enough, having a slow start but coming through strong in the race, just off PB -- 31.16.

Callum Way redeemed his ticket to the sub 30 club by the finest of margins -- 29.99!

Matt Mitchell had the code to the sub 30 safe as well, showing improved breath control to go 29.80!

Tom was not 100% satisfied with his performance, sensing that there were areas he could have done better but nonetheless he broke his PB once again and showed excellent execution in his breath control, going 29.32!

Alex kicked it into turbo and smashed through the 28 second barrier for the first time, hitting a 27.85 and taking 6th place!

Issy had waited all afternoon for her race but it was worth it as she shattered her PB in the 50m Fly, going 33.41, using her length well for great distance per stroke and taking a well deserved Top 10!

Many more swimmers throwing down the gauntlet tomorrow, Looking forward to more fun and fast swimming!!!


Swim Bournemouth Lvl 2 Winter Meet Day Two:

A jam packed day, including more swimmers with a multitude of great performances!

Jacy started the day in the 100m Brst, fractionally off of her PB with more length on stroke to work on for next time - 1:31.22.

Gabbi joined us today and begun promisingly with a 2 second PB in the 100m Brst - 1:25.99 and taking 9th place.

Tanya was chasing a National QT in the 100m Brst, in the end just missing out but a big step in the right direction with pacing, a 1.4 second PB going 1.15.30 and 4th place in the 15+ Open age group.

Ruby opened her day with the 100m Free, going under 1:10 for the first time with an improved early section of the race - 1:09.95.

Issy set the first PB of many in the 100m Free going 1:08.66!

Gabbi was back for the 100m Free, a hard double with the Brst, missing her PB but showing great resillience to still take 9th place - 1:05.56.

Alex started off the boys' campaigns with a slightly shocking 2.4sec PB in the 50m Brst - 36.57 and 6th place!

Callum Way took a PB of his own with more length improvements still to come - 37.53.

Matt felt the pressure after Alex's mighty 50m but rose to the occassion and reclaimed top spot on Breaststroke, going 36.30, a 0.7sec PB and a new Club Record 13 Yrs, representing a 5 second improvement on this event in 12 months. 7th place in his age.

Lexie was up in the 50m Bk next, swimming a very 2 sided race, having a brilliant first 25m but then changing her technique quite drastically, slowing on the last 25m. Just off PB - 46.05 but still a 6th place, more to come later.

Ruby couldn't quite match her 100m Free achievement, just missing her PB in the 50m Bk, showing a strong last 25m but not quite getting out fast enough - 38.46.

Tanya made a rare appearance in the Backstroke, demonstrating a smooth, relaxed stroke, looking very good to take a PB, just needs to up the rate for some potentially really quick times - 35.12.

Gabbi held her speed throughout the 50m to take an official PB of 34.55 and 4th place in her age! Backstroke looking strong!

Issy took the fastest time of the day with another PB of 34.19, threatening the 33 mark.

Austin joined the party for the afternoon session and came out with great energy in the 200m Brst laying down a huge PB from only last week of 4 seconds - 3:22.36 and 5th place.

Ruby took on the 200m Free next, a really strong effort, just dropping off of target pace in the middle 2 x 50's, fractionally missing PB - 2:37.04.

Austin lined up again for the 100m IM and with greatly improved Butterfly shattered his PB by 3 seconds going 1:29.82.

Callum Way displayed all round improvement on his strokes to take his own 2 second PB in the IM - 1:16.64.

Matt was clearly on great form, destroying his PB by 5 seconds and narrowly missing the Club Record with a 1:13.72, taking 6th place.

Gabbi had to dig deep in the 100m Bk but matched her PB from Club Champs of 1:13.85 and took the first medal of the day!!


Issy was racing Gabbi and made it a great spectacle, the announcer giving the girls the limelight and highlighting the excellent swimming from both. She touched just behind Gabbi but finished with a no less impressive PB of 1:14.04, a new Club Record 16 Yrs and 9th place at the event!

Lexie turned her fortunes around with a consistently fast 50m Free, taking a 2 second PB and breaking the 40 second mark with 39.46 and 5th place!!

Asha was not quite firing on all cyclinders, a good opening 15m but faded later in the race - 34.22.

Ruby just missed her PB but a very respectable end of day performance - 32.28.

Issy finished her day in style with yet another PB, demonstrating excellent race execution especially on breath discipline - 30.87.

Gabbi went under 30 seconds officially for the second time ever with a strong 29.86 - 5th place.

Tanya showed her natural sprint ability to swim the 2nd fastest time in her life on the 50m Free with 28.16 and 6th place, still more to work on technically.

Harley had waited all day but it was worth it as he took a Bronze medal with a rapid 50m Fly! A 1.3 sec PB of 35.73 and lowering his own Club Record 11 Yrs!

Great swimming from the whole team and yet again, very happy to see more swimmers entering and competing at a Lvl 2 competition!

Wareham Speed!! 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️





A huge well done to everyone who's competed in R1 or R2 of the Novice League so far!! Last night was a brilliant showcase of young talent, I'm certainly excited for the future of the club!

We were edged into 3rd in the end on 156 pts but it was an extremely close affair with 2nd place sitting on 158 and 1st taking it with 161pts. If it hadn't have been for a couple of DSQ's I think we'd have been able to take the win.

Next up will be the final at Littledown!

i look forward to seeing everyone there to round out our 2019 Novice Campaign!!

SQUAD SWIMMERS: What we were looking at last night, the back leg upkick on dives. This is how it should look!! Hope it's clear now for anyone who was confused 😄


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